Lunchtime Sing-a-long

A friend at work forwarded me the below email that I had sent her almost a year ago. It reminds me how much I love baked potatoes, and also how good I am at writing songs.

From: Breanne S
Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 11:38 AM
To: Melissa E
Subject: ooooh whoooooa

I just wrote a song. It’s called “Potatoes (in my mouth).” Goes a little something like this:
Oh whoa potatoes
(in my mouth, in my mouth)
I want to eat them up, oh no
(in my mouth, in my mouth)
Butter sour cream and cheese
You bring me to my knees
(in my mouth)
Bake em up and give them to me
You know what, add a sweet tea
(in my mouth)
Sittin in a booth way in the back
So those dirty construction workers don’t give us any slack
Making me less hungry, though it’s not for another hour
Can I wait longer? Do I have the power?
Thinking of the Bill just makes me want to scream
Bill Miller, I’ll have to be happy right now with you only in my dreams.


-BreanneSp ©2011

2 thoughts on “Lunchtime Sing-a-long

  1. Haha, please tell me you wrote that while and work and then sent it. Trying to rhyme phrases, while drumming at your desk.

    • Well, DUH. How else would you write a song?!
      I HAD to write it then – I was in the heat of the moment, my brain and stomach churning together in hunger and harmony, or something nearly that dramatic. 🙂

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