I’m a graphic designer. I try to make pretty things, and people pay me for it. Sometimes I think my designs look like shit and my customer loves it. Sometimes I think that what I’ve created is the most beautiful thing on Earth, yet the customer doesn’t think that it pops. If you’re in any sort of design industry, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s simply awful, and gouging out my eyes is usually a less painful solution than adding a “cool font.” Thus is the life…

I have 2 dogs and a cat. Kona is my chocolate lab, nearly 2 years old. Nani is my yellow lab mix that I rescued from the middle of nowhere (read: where I work) 2 years ago. Lily is the bastard cat who hates everyone but me – she came from the Humane Society about 3 years ago. I feel better about myself knowing that these animals depend on me and only me to survive. They have survived far longer than the orchids that I generally keep, and with only 50% of the wilting!

I make boxes. Sounds mundane, I know. Sometimes it is – I mean, come on… it’s boxes… but most of the time, even in the most ordinary situations, my work-family pulls me through and makes things a little more exciting (or sometimes just a little less terrible).

All in all, I survive. I’m enjoying myself as is. Sometimes I date boys. Most of the time I enjoy just spending time with my friends or family. I love music and travel. Scuba diving and skiing. Movies and books… basically, I’m easy. Way easy. I just need to find ways to continue to entertain myself.

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