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And Then The Internet Made Me Go Crazy

And Then The Internet Made Me Go Crazy

I am ready to lose my shit, you guys. I’m just so tired, nearly exhausted, from reading blog upon blog of speculation on the new iphone that’s coming out and its possible delicious new features. A new round of this happens every 6 months or so, and I am getting terribly tired of the fuss … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy SII vs iPhone4S

Ok. First off, I know this is a huge thing to blog about right now, as if you do a search for my post title, about 40000 search results come up. That’s alright, though, as I don’t care. This post wasn’t in my planned post timeline (yes, there is a sort of sordid method, believe … Continue reading

What I learned in art school.

I learned a bunch of things that you’re supposed to learn in art school: kerning, font things, all about color palletes, sautering, patinas, screen printing, and the best ways to make spray mount actually stick when you want it to. This is all pretty important, but the learning that I’m talking about — the kind … Continue reading

It happened at that one music show…

Last Friday night, I went with a few friends to a Nico Vega and She Wants Revenge show down at the White Rabbit. I learned about the show that afternoon, and since I heart Nico Vega, I wanted to go to there. I’m a pretty huge disaster emotionally if I don’t have tickets in-hand for … Continue reading

The Great Salt Debacle

So, I guess in LA, salt-rimmed beer glasses aren’t really a thing, as I found out at the Gold Room… Gionne and I wandered into the bar. DosXX was on tap, and I was thrilled, as it hadn’t been available at the last two bars we had visited. We ordered two DosXX and I made … Continue reading


Hung on the wall above my bed, I have some molded plastic flowers by Umbra. They’re lovely, in a swooshing design that starts low and ends near the ceiling on the opposite side of the bed. Each is magnetized on the back so are able to stick to the metal stickpins that you put in … Continue reading

On personal safety.

If somebody asked me to fill out a survey answering how safe of a person I was, I would rate myself an 8.5 out of 10. People don’t get hurt around me, I’ve never broken any bones, and generally err on the side of caution when it comes to EXTREME sports (in caps because of … Continue reading

So you want to piss me off at work…

Here’s a handy how-to list so you don’t have to have as many trial and errors: – learn how to make a coughing noise that sounds like you’re moving the phlegm in your throat up or down about 2″. Make sure it sounds a little bubbly. – don’t do work. Especially don’t do it when … Continue reading