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Why Do I Keep Doing This To Myself

Why Do I Keep Doing This To Myself

So far, it’s been a regular day, wrapping up with some grocery shopping. Everything was going well until I started walking to my car… and I saw Her. She gave me that fake smile and I knew it was all over — something was going down. They’re nothing but little monsters. They wait until you’re … Continue reading

Lies I Told Myself At Lunch Today

Lies I Told Myself At Lunch Today

– Pre-meal chips and salsa don’t count as food or calories, because they’re before the meal. When the real food goes into my belly, it wipes away any trace of the food before it, like a squeegee. Therefore, the nutritional content (or lack thereof) of an appetizer is a non-issue. – It’s ok if I … Continue reading

Nigerian Princes and the Comedy Therein

Since the CES hoopla started this week, I have grown weary of the “tech” category in my RSS reader with tons of repeat articles on all the same technology and have moved on to other categories in which to nest my idling mind. Yesterday, I quickly settled into my “it’s funny” category and started browsing … Continue reading

Requisite Valentine’s Day Post

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m drawn into a forced faux-depression partially brought-on by commercials by Kay Jewelers, specials on chocolate covered strawberries by Godiva, and emails and tweets from restaurants reminding me to HURRY and make my Valentine’s Day dinner reservations at their romantically-lit fine dining destination. The other part of my faux-depression is brought … Continue reading

Trainwreck, part 2

B… I found B on He was on a break from being the singer in a band out of Dallas. While a guy who plays an instrument immediately draws me in (no, Rock Band doesn’t count), and although B only sang, his “rocker” look and personality made up for the lack of instrumental skills. … Continue reading

Trainwreck in 3… 2… 1…

So, since I’m new to this whole “blogging more than once every few months” thing, I’ve spent part of yesterday and some of this morning trying to figure out what to write about. I keep coming back to one thing, but repeatedly try to push it out of my mind. I think that I’ve come … Continue reading

Like a fiddle

Right now, I’m drinking a protein shake. That’s right – whey protein, water, metal shakey ball inside the container – THE WORKS. Later, I’m going to lift some cars and move my couch around with one hand, so I’m sure to use all my replenished muscle-strength. I had boot camp tonight. I’d say it’s going … Continue reading

Find me a find, catch me a catch…

I finally finished filling out my profile. Complete. I’ll probably have to go back and change it soon, since I have no idea what I even wrote last night. It took me forever to just get on there and figure out what to write (3-4 days of stalling before I started the "essay questions"), … Continue reading