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INT. BOX FACTORY – MORNING Breanne is working when she overhears the Production Manager and VP of San Antonio talking in the VP’s office, right next to hers. They’re talking about magnets, presumably about their contribution to the giant machinery in the plant. Breanne stops working and pokes her head in the office. BREANNE (interrupting) … Continue reading

Nicknames at the Office

INT. BOX FACTORY – DAY PRODUCTION MGR – hands Breanne a camera Hey. BREANNE Hey T-Bone. PRODUCTION MGR Why do you keep calling me that? BREANNE It’s my new nickname for you. Do you like it? PRODUCTION MGR No, I don’t. Can you please email me the photos on that camera? BREANNE Not until you … Continue reading

Words of Wisdom from Mom

INT. BOX FACTORY – DAY Breanne is sitting at her desk, drawing boxes. The phone rings, she answers. BREANNE Y’ello. MOM Hi. You know, $25 is too much to pay for hair feathers. (today, one of the “deal of the day” sites featured a hair salon that would put feathers into your hair for the … Continue reading

Potty Mouth

I have a canvas tote that I carry to work every day. It has a slogan on it, “Not Penny’s Tote,” which is a reference to LOST (referring to “not Penny’s boat,” which matters to you not at all if you never watched the show). As I was leaving the office yesterday, my boss stopped … Continue reading

Oh, brother

INT. MOM’S HOUSE – NIGHT Mom, Breanne, Brother, and Cousin are sitting in the living room, chit-chatting about whatever while they wait for the pizza to be delivered. MOM (to Breanne) Well, thanks for letting me borrow the Rizzoli & Isles book. I’ve watched the show and I like it. BROTHER (to Mom) I haven’t … Continue reading

just a day at boxes

INT. DESIGN ROOM BOX FACTORY – DAY <boss of boxes is having an important conversation with sales manager regarding safeguarding loss of inventory. breannesp is sitting at her desk, "working" quietly and minding her own business> BOSS So, I think we'll just go ahead and get scanners for everyone in the plant so that… ME … Continue reading

Wait… what?

I got a phone call from mom while I was at lunch. Approximate transcript as follows. INT. WHATABURGER – SMALL BOOTH – LUNCHTIME Me: <phone rings, volume is set too loud. Ringtone: Muffin Top> Y….ello. Mom: Hi. Where are you? Me: Uh… Whataburger? Why? Mom: Do you have a lawyer? Me: … … what? Mom: … Continue reading