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And Then The Internet Made Me Go Crazy

And Then The Internet Made Me Go Crazy

I am ready to lose my shit, you guys. I’m just so tired, nearly exhausted, from reading blog upon blog of speculation on the new iphone that’s coming out and its possible delicious new features. A new round of this happens every 6 months or so, and I am getting terribly tired of the fuss … Continue reading

On Internet Validation

On Internet Validation

Personal validation – it’s an important thing. As much as you may like to say that you aren’t affected by what people think, you really are. Oh sure, keep your mask of indifference on in public, but you can go ahead and nod your head yes while reading this post privately, with maybe one single … Continue reading

Nigerian Princes and the Comedy Therein

Since the CES hoopla started this week, I have grown weary of the “tech” category in my RSS reader with tons of repeat articles on all the same technology and have moved on to other categories in which to nest my idling mind. Yesterday, I quickly settled into my “it’s funny” category and started browsing … Continue reading

Allergy Technology

Allergy Technology

This morning, I went to the doctor to have my first appointment for an allergy study I’m participating in. The nurse spent about 10 minutes explaining to me all the stipulations, about what medicine outside the study I was or wasn’t allowed to take, what kind of timeline I was on, what side effects I … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy SII vs iPhone4S

Ok. First off, I know this is a huge thing to blog about right now, as if you do a search for my post title, about 40000 search results come up. That’s alright, though, as I don’t care. This post wasn’t in my planned post timeline (yes, there is a sort of sordid method, believe … Continue reading

My ACL2011: Part 3

Day 2 of ACL started off a little different than the day prior. Instead of hopping a cab to Zilker bright and early, we headed to South Congress to have some lunch. We went to Magnolia Cafe, which is my most favorite place in Austin to eat. We ordered a few skillets of MagMud (queso … Continue reading

My ACL2011: Part 2

Friday morning, I loaded into a cab with Kenneth, Paige, and Alix. Alix handed me the HTC Thunderbolt connected to the @RadioShackLIVE account and told me to go ahead and tweet it up. Uh, ok. Um… I drew a blank. When I have to tweet or write for myself, it’s like mind vomit that just … Continue reading

My ACL 2011: Part 1

This year’s ACL festival was a little different for me. I had bought my tickets months and months prior, and was stressing out over how the weekend was going to go – would we plant like the years prior? Would we wander around and get to see exactly what we wanted, but not from the … Continue reading

Spartanburg Electronics Clearance!

Seriously, people. If you live in South Carolina, Spartanburg specifically, stop trying to buy electronics in parking lots. I know Best Buy is really a drag, but at least they give you actual electronics in return for your money. Last week, a 22 year old girl bought an “ipad” for $180 at a McDonald’s. Apparently, … Continue reading

Google+ : First Impressions

Google Wave, Buzz, now Plus. Google has been throwing these 4-lettered products at us in the last few years. Wave and Buzz have both caused most everyone to throw some 4-lettered words right back at Google. I’ll admit that I was riding the crest of the Wave, trying to get as many people as I … Continue reading