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List of things I probably should have brought to Kentucky: 1. A coat 2. Probably another coat. 3. … Coats.

My Musical Orlando Journey, Part 2

My Musical Orlando Journey, Part 2

Continuation of Part 1… The next morning, we got up and hopped the bus to the Citrus Bowl. We met Pete, who would be our bus driver for the entire weekend. We picked up a few people from other hotels and were dropped at the venue at 11:30 or so, with a promise from Pete … Continue reading

My Musical Orlando Journey, Part 1

My Musical Orlando Journey, Part 1

It was only by chance that I saw a contest put online by Quiet Company and Grooveshark, and also only by chance that I found the time to enter it. The Battle of the Beards contest was open to anyone who wanted to submit an entry, just as long as you had the best-looking beard, … Continue reading

Sweet Dolphin Love

On my trip to Galveston over the weekend, we decided to go on a Harbor Tour. We hopped on a boat and were promised dolphin sightings, as well as some history of the buildings and ships in the area. Our tour guide was a seasoned old sailor who looked like he’d been baking in the … Continue reading

Things I Learned in LA

I visited friends in Los Angeles for a week at the end of May. Below are the important tidbits that I learned while there and have added to my world-knowledge. – Life is better when you don’t have to worry about being instantly drenched in sweat as soon as you step outside. – The Pacific … Continue reading

LA Adventure: SA Airport

Today, I head for LA. I’m going for no good reason except that I have a free flight and a free place to stay and lovely friends who live there. Generally, lots of interesting things happen while I’m out and about, but I forget to tell anyone… So, here. Now I’m telling EVERYONE. First off, … Continue reading

Things I Leaned in Canada

1. I can handle constant cold weather easier than I thought I could. I guess I just bitch about it here because, HELLO, it's Texas, where summer takes up 3/4 of the year. 2. Everyone in Canada really IS that friendly. It's not a myth. If you're lonely and want to make friends, one-way it … Continue reading

The Great Salt Debacle

So, I guess in LA, salt-rimmed beer glasses aren’t really a thing, as I found out at the Gold Room… Gionne and I wandered into the bar. DosXX was on tap, and I was thrilled, as it hadn’t been available at the last two bars we had visited. We ordered two DosXX and I made … Continue reading