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And Then The Internet Made Me Go Crazy

And Then The Internet Made Me Go Crazy

I am ready to lose my shit, you guys. I’m just so tired, nearly exhausted, from reading blog upon blog of speculation on the new iphone that’s coming out and its possible delicious new features. A new round of this happens every 6 months or so, and I am getting terribly tired of the fuss … Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy SII vs iPhone4S

Ok. First off, I know this is a huge thing to blog about right now, as if you do a search for my post title, about 40000 search results come up. That’s alright, though, as I don’t care. This post wasn’t in my planned post timeline (yes, there is a sort of sordid method, believe … Continue reading

Things from the Internets, 9/8

• This is the tiniest little possum with the tiniest little broken leg and cast that the internet could find. He broke his little leg when he fell out of a cuckoo clock he was living in with his tiny possum family – or at least that’s the story I made up about it. • … Continue reading

Things from the Internets, 8/25

• Hey Apple – You’re not the boss of freakin’ everything. Just because you made a phone that’s rectangular and thin and has a button doesn’t mean that other people can’t do the same. Just because your ipad is thin with a large flat screen doesn’t mean that other people can’t make one that shape … Continue reading

Things from the Internets, 8/23

• Of all the things on the internet that you missed today, this was one of them. Have you ever seen beetles make a rat disappear? It’s like magic, but with less illusions and more chewing/eating. Thanks for allowing me to add this to my imagination-arsenal, science! • I’ve been trying to ignore the Courtney … Continue reading