Why I Blog

I blog to entertain myself. Sometimes I blog to entertain others. I blog when I’m bored. I like telling stories, and sometimes I blog because I don’t have the energy to tell a really good one 15 times. I blog because I’m pretty busy these days and haven’t been able to buy some new paint or find the time to put some oil clay into a sculpture that makes me happy. I blog because I have things to bitch about that are too long for twitter or that I don’t want to air to the people on facebook. I blog so I can remember the thing that was so awesome just last month that I would have forgotten about otherwise. Mostly, I blog because it’s there.

One thought on “Why I Blog

  1. Hey Bre! Stumbled across your blog today and just wanted to say “hi”! I blog for a lot of the same reasons as you. Plus I sometimes “pretend” I am a writer and hope something good or intelligent comes out! Well, I am officially your 12th reader and I subscribed to your blog just now in Google Reader! Keep the posts coming!

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